Features :
• Low stretch
• Excellent troughability
• High abrasion resistant covers
• Impervious to humidity and wetness
• Mildew and rot free
• High tear resistance
• Warranty period 24 months

Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt
(with hole )

The steel mesh conveyer belt is one kind uses the special metal core belt as the material. A specially designed fire resistant cover rubber for conveying belt made. High temperature material capable of conveying 200 c to 800 C.

Widely used in metallurgy, mine, electric power, chemical industry, light industry, cement and other industries. Its features are fire resistance, abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, low elongation,  high strength of vulcanized joint (joint efficiency 100%), simple and easy to operate, etc..



Cleat types:
T, TS, C, TC and TCS.

The cleat is made of enforced fabric, solid, anti-shock to avoid distortion.


Bucket elevator belt.BUCKET STEEL CORD BELT

Monster Belting production of high-quality natural rubber and high quality cover. Natural rubber as more than 60%. The tensile strength reached above 18 MPa, excellent wear resistance; With double layer transverse anti tearing steel cord. Greatly improve the ability to abrasion resistant, extend the service life;



Types:1) open "v" and closed "V" and other patterns
2) The depth of pattern is 15mm-25mm higher the surface
3) Each kind of pattern includes three types, high, medium and low
4)We have chevron mould of cleat type are 5/8/10/15/18/25mm cleat height

belt conveyor


• cement plants
• heating stations, power stations, garbage incineration plants
• chemical industry
• steelworks, metal foundries, metal processing industry
T1=200 °C;  T2=250 °C ; T3=300 °C; T4 above 500°C

PVC PU Conveyor Belt

1.5mm Green Conveyor Belt
Our belts have more advantages:
1. high flatness, the height flatness is within ±0.05mm;
2. high density;
3. high tensile strength;
4.reliable splice, it can reach the same service life as the original;
5.good performance of anti-abrasion and chemical&oil resistance. 

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Monster Belting Industry

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Monster Belting, founded in 1998. Is a professional manufacturer and exporter of heavy-duty conveyor belts. Began as a production of heavy belt based factory in Shandong province.Today our business has grown out of the domestic to foreign promotion.With the business development and growth.In March 2010, we set up our International Business department. The main business direction is export of all kinds of Rubber conveyor belt. the export office is located in Qingdao city.Annual export volume of more than 10 million dollars. Our customers are distributed in the United States, Canada, Russia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Indonesia & ect.

Reliable Supplier in Providing Quality Conveyor Belts

Providing companies around the world with quality rubber conveyor belts for various industry purposes, Monster Belting has made a name for themselves as the most trusted suppliers. Offering products such as the corrugated sidewall belt, steel cord belt, EP conveyor belts and other materials for sale, Monster Belting also provides comprehensive assistance through effective customer service. And to ensure reliable quality, the company also provides Mill Test Certificate and Quality certificate. Contact Monster Belting today or send inquiry for a more detailed discussion about your conveyor belt request.

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