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Rubber Conveyor Belt Production line

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Monster Belting, founded in 1998. Is a professional manufacturer and exporter of heavy-duty conveyor belts. Began as a production of heavy belt based factory in Shandong province.Today our business has grown out of the domestic to foreign promotion.With the business development and growth.In March 2010, we set up our International Business department. The main business direction is export of all kinds of Rubber conveyor belt. Monster belting export office is located in Qingdao city.Annual export volume of more than 10 million dollars. Our customers are distributed in the United States, Canada, Russia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Indonesia & ect.

Rubber Conveyor Belt Production line

Quality Control

Test Equipment and Facilities -monster belting

Verified Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity
Rotorless rheometer MFR 100 1
Mooney viscometer MVS3 1
Tensional tester GOTECH, PDS-2500N 3
Rubber abrasion tester GT-7012D 2
Permeability testing machine C-100 1
Bonding strength tester N/A 1
Laboratory testing
factory workshop- Monster Belting

Production Capacity

Verified Product Name Production Line Capacity Actual Units Produced(Previous Year)
Conveyor Belt 700000 m2/month 7500000 m2

Production Equipment and Facilities

Verified Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity
Calender line N/A 7
Forming production line N/A 7
Continuously vulcanizing and extrusion line N/A 7

Conveyor Idler / Roller / pulley production line

Conveyor Impact Roller

Welding type:Seamless welding, carbon dioxide arc welding.
Seal type: Labyrinth sealing.
Service life: 30 thousand hours.
Inside structure:Bearing box,bearing,labyrinth sealer,seal disc,inside and outside retaining collar,circlip.

conveyor roller -MONSTER BELT

Delivery Services

Quality guarantee:Manual inspection, sampling inspection by the lab.
Inspection items: Dustproof, waterproof,rotational resistance,axial float, shaft radial play.
Lubrication:Lithium grease within the bearing box.


Custom Services

One of the most important characteristics of services is the participation of the customer in the service delivery process. A customer has the opportunity to get the services modified according to specific requirement.

Conveyor Rollers

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