Chevron Pattern Conveyor Belt

Chevron Belt: 5/8/10/15/20/25mm V profile Pattern

Types of  chevron conveyor belt:

1. Open V and closed V and other patterns

2. The depth of pattern is 15mm-25mm higher the surface

3. Each kind of pattern includes three types, high, medium and low

Belt Carcass: Cotton canvas,Nylon canvas or Polyester canvas.

Patterned conveyor belt is composed of belt carcass and pattern.Pattern shape and height(depth) may be different because of different conveyed material and gradient of conveyor.

Shape and characteristics:

We have different pattern shapes,such as "U" pattern,"V" pattern and "/\" pattern.Customer can also order other patterns as well.

chevron conveyor belt v15mm
pattern chevron conveyor belt,nylon fabric rough top belt conveyor china
chevron belt -monster belt

1) open v and closed v and other patterns
2) the depth of pattern is 15mm-25mm higher the surface
3) each kind of pattern includes three types, high, medium and low.
characteristic :
1.there is no joint in belt carcass
2.Long service life
3. Cleats and top cover rubber are vulcanized integrally
4. Cleat pattern, angle and pitch are designed elaborately.
Materials: NN/ EP/PP/Cotton
Chevron conveyor belt is suitable for conveying loose, bulky or bagged materials on inclined surface at angles of less than 40 degrees.

Buy Chevron Belt conveyor from Monster Belting

Monster Belting offers patterns in conveyor belts. The chevron belt conveyor offers suitable transportation for loose, bulky and bagged material. Ideal for inclined surfaces, the cleat pattern and depth provides resistance for the material to slip. Browse below to choose a product and contact us for more details.

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