Patterned Rubber conveyor belt

Patterned Rubber conveyor belt for stone crusher

For the stone crusher conveyor belt use, we can offer you our patterned Rubber conveyor belt for stone crusher. It’s suitable for inclined conveying at maxium angle of 30 degree of loose materials of lump size below 50mm and bagged material such as coal,gravel,sand,grain.

Rubber patterned conveyor belt for stone crusher

Specifications series

Pattern Width (mm) No.of plies Tensile strength (N/mm) Cover thickness Carcass fabric
Top Bottom
Chevron 400 2-5 120-300 3.0-4.5 1.5 CC,TC,NN,EP
Pit 400 2-5 120-300 3.0 1.5 CC,TC,NN,EP

Round pit pattern increase friction resistance, prevent from slipping of goods.

The angle of chevron pattern on the centerline make materials concentrated centrally.

The manufacturing technique of our rubber is we use compression molding , and the content of natural rubber is 50%-60%, we use the same prescription as the world famous rubber tires company, our belt has the advantage in wear-resisting property, acid and alkali-resistance.

Rubber patterned conveyor belt for stone crusher

Packaging & Shipping

 We will use standard International package to ship the  conveyor belt and guarantee the delivery safety.

Rubber patterned conveyor belt for stone crusher

To guarantee the performance, quality .Our  conveyor belt can meet the country standard quality and safety standard, we have the necessary and professional inspect device.

Conveyor Belt Inspection Standard
Properties Standard Number
Fabric cord conveyor belt GB7984-87 Steel cord conveyor belt GB9770-88
Appearance GB526-74 GB9770-88 AppendixA
Length,width GB4490-84 GB4490-84
Cover thickness GB4490-84 GB5753-86
Total thickness GB4490-84 GB5753-86
Tensile strength GB7984-87 GB5754-86
 Elongation Rate under Constant Load GB3690-83
Elogation rate at break tenacity GB3690-83
adhesive strength GB7984-87 GB9770-88
GB6759-86 GB5755-86
Tensile properties of cover GB7984-87 GB9770-88
GB528-82 GB528-82
Abrasion performance of cover GB7984-87 GB9770-88
GB1689-82 GB1689-82
Flame retardancy (used in underground coal mines) MT147-92 MT147-87
Flame retardancy (general use) HG10822-89
Conductivity GB3684-83 GB3684-83
Troughability GB7983-87 GB7983-87

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