Spiral roller

Sprial roller

The spiral roller is mainly used to clean up the clutter on the adhesive tape, and it can play a certain role in adjusting the deviation. The structure for the ordinary roller, above welding spiral around bar diameter is 10 to 14 mm or on the outer surface with a spiral groove cast rubber sleeve to increase the wear resistance of the roller, can thoroughly clean the adhesive tape on the conveyor belt, and ensure the service life, but also plays mindarmor deviation adjusting function.

The principle of the spiral roller to prevent deviation is that the two side supporting rollers in the roller group are all spiral supporting rollers with taper, but the rotation of the thread is different, the side rollers are left lateral, and the other side rollers are right-handed, so that the transverse force of the conveyor belt is all pointed to the center line.

Spiral roller has the effect on the conveyor belt:

1. It with unique product structure of the conveying belt in the conveying sticky material environment, with non stick rollers, self-cleaning ability, non stick with the characteristics of the product;

2.It can solves the common belt conveyor belt deviation, corrosion, roll sticking and tearing the serious problem fundamentally.

3.It has the characteristics of novel structure, convenient installation and maintenance, smooth transportation of self fixed center, non stick roll, low noise, low energy consumption and prolonging the service life of tape.

4. It's strong automatic conveyor belt is the ability of partial band at the same time, to maximize the protection and avoid the rubber conveyor belt cutter with potential outside tear;

5. At the same time maximize the belt life saving energy consumption, greatly reduce production costs, improve economic efficiency. Specific parameters such as size parameters can be changed or redesigned according to the requirements of the user or the actual use.

spiral roller
spiral roller
spiral roller
Life time 30000H
Certificate ISO9001:2008,MA,ETC
Tube Carbon steel, Q235 steel pipe
Shaft A3/45#steel
Shaft ends Both ends are simultaneously machined and chamfered
Bearing Single&Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing 2RZ&2Z

with C3 clearance

Lubrication Grease is lithium soap type grease with Rust Inhibitors
Seals Grease retaining inner seal with Multi-stage Labyrinth and

Retention Cap with Outboard Rubbing Flinger Sear

Welding Mixed gas shielded arc welding end
Finish Painting/Rubber/Steel screw/Galvanized
Painting Ordinary painting, hot galvanized painting, electric static

spraying painting, baked painting

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