stainless steel roller

Stainless steel roller

Stainless steel roller also called 304 stainless steel roller and magnetic roller, the roller in addition to iron anti magnetic mainly used in belt conveyor or underground power plant, to prevent the roller by suction separator. Because the stainless steel roller is in the head of the belt conveyor, and the impact is relatively large, so the roller pipe, roller shaft, bearing seat and bearing and shaft are all stainless steel.
Stainless steel roller with lot of characteristics such as high wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, easy to wear belts; self lubrication, no oil good, not easy to use in harsh conditions of death; anti static, flame resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance (acid, alkali and organic solvent) of corrosion.

Characteristics of stainless steel roller:
1,The rotation resistance and the moment of inertia are reduced, and the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction will be more obvious.
2, The mechanical properties and wear resistance are greatly increased than ordinary steel pipes, although the wall thickness is thinner, the service life will not be affected by any effect.
3, Its corrosion resistance is self-evident.
4, The magnetic separation is also well known.
5, The health performance is more reliable.
6, The labor strength of the installation of the stainless steel roller can be greatly reduced.
Stainless steel roller can be widely used in food, sugar, salt, soda plant, etc. were corrosive substances and gas environment and magnetite, provide a broader choice and convenient conditions for the successful development of the product for the majority of users.

stainless steel roller
stainless steel roller
stainless steel roller

Type of supply



89\108\60\76133\159 mm

Shaft diameter

190\240\305\375\600\750\950\1150 mm




20\25\30 mm

Diameter(process customization)

60\76\89\108\133\159 mm

thickness of pipe


Scope of application

Conveying equipment, belt conveyor, mine, cement plant, power plant, wharf, coal mine, metallurgy, chemical industry and so on.

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