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Troughing Idlers
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Troughing Idlers

Profile of Troughing Idlers:
Our company specializes in the production of Troughing Idlers , the Troughing Idlers  is mainly used in the outdoor dust and the corrosive environment.
We produce various kinds of rollers, which are mainly divided into: Troughing Idlers , Troughing Idlers , groove top roller, various parallel torrollers, all kinds of adjustable idlers, and all kinds of buffer rollers.
It is divided into rubber roller, porcelain roller, nylon roller and insulating roller.
The size can meet the requirements of the installation of TD75 type belt machine. The special size can be customized according to the requirement.


Five years of service life

Five years of service life.
Endurance of 40,000 hours rotation, high cost performance.
Exclusive patent design, roller skin adopts 100% ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material with excellent self-lubrication, abrasion resistance and anti-aging properties.
Excellent sealing, can withstand belt machine 40 thousand hours of rotation, up to 5 years service life.

Our super high molecular belt roller is a new generation of roller revolutionary patent products developed by our company.
The polymer roller tube is made of 100% ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material.
Bearings are used in the bearings of famous domestic and foreign manufacturers such as luoshaft, haaxial, SKF and NSK.
The patented core of the patented product (waterproof) has completely isolated the contact between the bearing and the outside world, so as to avoid contamination and precision assembly.
Super high molecular roller can prolong the use cycle of equipment, save energy and improve working environment effectively.
It has been widely used in coal, cement, steel, electric power, chemical industry, coking and other transportation systems.
It is the ideal replacement for belt conveyor machinery steel roller.

conveyor idler package
conveyor idler structure


Steel Troughing Idlers

It's better than a steel roller
Lightweight and noiseless anti-dust protection belts
Ultra-high molecular roller surface hardness is low, the ink grass coefficient is small, self-lubricating performance is high, no wear to the belt.
Rain, snow and acid, alkaline liquid spray will not be corroded.
It is easy to install and replace the product because of its light weight.
Because it turns noiseless, the ring of work is purified.

Troughing Idlers  has the following characteristics:

The troughing Idlers of our company is mainly embodied in the following aspects:

  1. acid-base salt has no effect on it and has strong corrosion resistance.
  2. Strong hardness, strong wear resistance;
  3. With excellent sealing performance, grease and grease will not leak.
  4. The ceramic surface of the grooved roller has formed an oxidation film, which is small in contact with the conveyor belt and can effectively reduce the driving force.
  5. long service life of Troughing Idlers ;
  6. Grooved roller can reduce the integrated cost of belt conveyor, reduce maintenance hours and low operating cost.

Application of Troughing Idlers :

My company the production of major trough idlers in the open air dust is bigger, high corrosive environment applications, such as mines, power plants, steel mills, Shi Liaochang, cement, coal washery, saltworks, alkali factory, fertilizer plant, wharf and other places of all transport often use trough idlers.

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