Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Rough Top Belt

We specialize in the manufacture and supply of Rough Top Belt that are suitable for transportation of sacks, boxes and parcels. It is made of non -slip surface and the wave top design provides excellent grip for conveying bagged material on truck loading systems.

Our Rough Top Belt are exclusively manufactured for Baggage Handling Systems, besides finding usage in Cement and Fertilizer plants. Dealing in Grass Conveyor Belts has also earned us loads of appreciation in the market. These Conveyor Belts are available in various thicknesses, colors and surface finishes. We also supply cleat Conveyor Belts and EP Conveyor Belt in China.

rough top belt -MOnster belt
Rough Top Belt
yellow rough top belt
Rough Top Belt
Orange &Orange rough top belt
Rough Top Belt


Number of fabric:2 Color: apple green,black,petrol
Number of fibre:2 Fibre type:Polyester,with lateral stability
Material topside:fabric Profile topside:  fabric
Material bottomside:Polyester


Total thickness(mm): 4mm-5.5mm Cover thickness(mm): 0mm
Weight(Kg/M2): 4.6-6 Maximum production width(mm): 2000-3000
Maximum tension(N/mm): 00 Tensile force for 1% elongation (N/mm): 90
Hardness toplayer(Shore A): 80 Temperature article(°C): -10/+80
Lateral stability:Yes

Rough top belt Technical Data

is made with lowstretch 100% polyester and woven into a strong interwoven carcass. Available in a variety of strengths, colors, compounds, and cover styles to meet your exact requirements. Our belts are suitable for light and medium applications in which a wide variety of packages, products and materials need to be conveyed. After nearly ten years development, we are professionally producing PVC&PU light conveyor belts, which are extremely suitable for light industry such as beer industry, paper making industry, food industry, textile industry etc.

Product Feature
Anti-static and non-conductive
Abrasion resistant , oils, fats and chemicals resistant belt
High transverse rigidity and dimensional stability
Surfaces with low, medium or high coefficient of friction. Working temperature ranges from -10 to 80Deg.C

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