Crescent top chevron – PVK conveyor belt with PU surface

Crescent top chevron PVK conveyor belt PU surface is a new style. PVK mainly refers to the overall weave of the solid woven fabric, which is produced through the way of PVK slurry. The main purpose of the product is the conveying system of packaging materials. There is no hidden danger of layering in the product. There are many kinds of PVK conveyor belts in the market. We mainly produce PVK conveyor belt with PVC glue on the surface and double sided PVK slurry conveyor belt.

Compared with ordinary PVC, PVK conveyor belt has high wear resistance and cutting resistance, and its service life is 3-4 times longer. Currently, it is mainly used for long-distance freight transportation in the logistics industry.

Crescent top chevron PVK conveyor belt PU surface is resistant to smoldering, moisture proof, antistatic, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, low tensile force, strong adhesive force, non shedding characteristics.

Temperature range: for the transported object, the loading temperature is -5 C ~+100 C, and the short time is -15 C ~+110 C
Conveyor: flat or roller type. The minimum round diameter of the positive rotation is 65mm, and the minimum reversing wheel diameter is 130mm
Connection method: thermoplastic joint or cold adhesive bonding, and steel buckle joint, the minimum diameter of the cylinder must be increased by 50%.
Professional processing: the surface of the belt can be glial against a variety of solvents, acids, salts and alkalis, except high concentration (such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid), the surface of the belt can add patterns with various patterns, can add PVC leakproof guide, baffle and skirt, the bottom surface of the belt can make holes can add V shaped bar and plate, belt.

Crescent Top chevron
Crescent top chevron - PVK conveyor belt with PU surface
Crescent top chevron PVK conveyor belt PU surface
 Thickness  0.5-12mm
 Width  ≤3000mm
 Material  PVC/PU/PVK/PE
 Color  Green, white, petrol green, black, grey, dark grey, dark green, sky blue, orange,  yellow, transparent, etc
 Pattern  Smooth, diamond, saw tooth, both way saw tooth, rough top, matt, squire rough  top, stripe, dot, lozenge, checker, golf, wave rough top, herringbone, treadmill,  mini-grip, crescent, tape, majiang, solid-woven, sort tooth, etc.
 No. of Plies  1ply, 2plies, 3plies, 4plies, and so on
 Coating's Feature  Antistatic, thicker, harder, deeper, softer, fire-resistant, oil-resitant, cold-  resistant, etc.
 Fabric's Feature  Flexible, kevlai, felt, low-noise, jogger, cotton
 Working Temperature  -25/+80 ℃

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