vulcanizing machine

The conveyor belt vulcanizing machine adopts the automatic precision digital display control system, the vulcanization temperature is uniform and accurate, the vulcanization pressure is uniform and the operation is convenient. The weight of the whole vulcanizing machine is light and 1/3 lighter than that of the original. The quality is reliable, durable and durable. With high quality aluminum alloy materials, high strength aluminum alloy aluminum plate is made with high strength light aluminum alloy, and the special process is refined. The heating layer is equipped with an advanced DC water cooling cycle device, which is cooled rapidly from 145 C to 70, as long as about 15 minutes. Speed up the bonding progress, improve the strength of the belt joint, and maintain the belt joint. The water pressure plate is refined by advanced technology. Due to the special structure, the whole pressure is uniform. Numerous times of high pressure test, the water pressure plate has no leakage phenomenon after 1.875mpa and 30min high pressure test.
The electric device of the automatic electric control box of the vulcanizer selects the LCD digital display instrument, which is of good quality and durable. Digital display and indicator lamp, preset the curing time, temperature, the curing process of automatic operation, lights, automatic completion of work. The  automatic liquid crystal display temperature control box of the vulcanizing machine is exquisite and exquisite, and adopts the advanced vertical double deck waterproof technology, dust-proof and waterproof integrated outer cover, which can be adapted to work in severe weather such as dust, rainstorm and scorching sun.

vulcanizing machine Characteristic:
1, small volume, light weight, half reduction, low energy consumption and fast heating. After heating, the whole panel has considerable flexibility. It is more tightly attached to the tape than the conventional machine. Under the pressure of 1.5MPa, its parallelism is not more than 0.03mm.
2, the heating plate at the top and bottom is evenly heating, and the temperature difference of each point of the working face is only 3 to 4 C after entering the heat preservation stage 10min.
3, The time from normal temperature to vulcanization temperature (145 degrees C) is not more than 25min, and the power is half of the same industry at home and abroad, and the energy saving effect is good.
4, the vulcanizate is connected or repaired once, and the adhesive part is smooth and clean, and the fastness is the same as the original.
5, The heating layer and the heating layer are three in one. The structure is simple and easy to install.

vulcanizing machine
vulcanizing machine
vulcanizing machine
Width of conveyor belt (mm) Power (kW) Sizes of heat plate LxW (mm) Assembled size LxWxH (mm) Weight of heaviest part (kg)
650 9.84 830x820 139x830x580 59
800 11.46 830x980 1561x830x580 70
1000 14.4 830x1205 1751x830x580 83
1200 16.02 830x1415 2001x830x725 101
1400 18.96 830x1640 2251x830x725 113
1600 22.2 830x1850 2370x830x895 126
1800 23.94 830x2055 2601x830x895 143
2000 26.76 830x2290 2801x830x895 162
2200 29.7 830x2510 3101x830x895 174

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