Elevator Belt Splice & Fastener

Vise Splice Elevator Belt Splice & Fastener

• For Belts 600 to 800 PIW Tensile Strength
• Available in Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal
• Non-Sparking (Non-Ferrous Version)
• Simple Three Piece Construction
• Max. Temperatures: Ferrous 600°F, Non-Ferrous 500°F
• Each Splice Accommodates 2" of Belt Width

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My company is committed to rope hoisting belt production more than 10 years, specialized in manufacturing production rope hoisting belt and its accessories: alloy joint clamp, steel plate joint bolts, high-strength galvanized hopper, heat-resistant rubber plate, etc
Introduction to connector fixture
1. Product classification: special alloy joint clamp with steel plate joint
2. Product composition
Composition of special alloy belt:
Main belt clip: 1 inside clip, 2 outside
Accessories: special fixture bolt, wire clip, filling, filling, filling box
Steel plate belt:
Main belt clip: inside clip 1, external clamp 2 accessories: special clamp bolt, wire clip
3. Product specifications:
Width 200mm~1700mm

Vise Splice Diagram
Vise Splice Ferrous

We can offer the different types and sizes of belt fasneners and splice fasteners,the main data for one of fastener  Techincal Data are as below

►Usable on Belts of up to 800 PIW Tensile Strength
►Non-Sparking, Non-Corroding & Non-Rusting
►Bronze Color
►2.9 lbs. Each

Model Belt thickness Strength Minimum roller diameter
mm lnches KN/M Pounds/square feet mm lnches
1 5-11 3/16-7/16 30 150 300 12
140/140VP 5-11 3/16-7/16 40 225 350 14
190/190VP 8-14 5/16-9/16 60 330 450 18
1-1/2 11-17 7/16-11/16 50 300 450 18
2 14-21 9/16-13/16 75 440 750 30
2-1/4 14-30 9/16-13/16 105 620 900 36
2-1/2 19-25 3/4-1 75 450 1050 42
3 24 and more 1/16 and more 100 560 1200 48

Installation method of Belt Splice & Fastener:
1). Use the main belt clip to tighten the ends of the belt through bolts.
2) after clamping, peel off the two ends of the lifting belt and strip out the wick.
3) tighten the steel wire rope core of the belt at both ends of the belt.
4). Fill the box with filler filling, fill with glue, wait 15 minutes until set.

Corrugated sidewall Belt Splice & Fastener are mechanical splices for use on most PVC and rubber elevator belts. Each splice unit is made of three pieces. The outside plates have two different gripping areas. The ribbed gripping area is mounted towards the face of the belt. The opposite end has a series of both longitudinal and axial “teeth.” The center plate is symmetrical and cannot be improperly installed around its elongated center hole. The splice functions by using the tension supplied by the belting.

This tension on the belt ends pulls the outer plates apart, and forces gripping pressure towards the teeth on the splice unit. The greater the belt tension, the more pressure is exerted on the gripping teeth at the forward end of the splice.

Main technical parameters

      Model     LODO-350     LODO-600    LODO-900    LODO-1200    LODO-1500
      Length       402mm        608mm       910mm       1210mm       1510mm
      Width       309mm        309mm       309mm        309mm        309mm
      Height       312mm        312mm       312mm        312mm        312mm
     Weight         9kg         13kg        18kg          25kg          31kg
 Package size




  650*320*320   950*320*320   1250*320*320    1550*320*320

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