MOR-Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

MOR Oil Resistant Conveyor belts


Excellent Oil Resistance against Mineral Oils

Monster Belting offers oil resistant conveyor belts for use. Resistant against mineral oil as well as against swelling from terpines, these conveyor belts work efficiently against rot, mildew and UV ozone. Available in two types, all products from Monster Belting ensure quality and durability through their function. Scroll down to know more details about its features.

Endless_Conveyor_Belt 650mm belt width 15 Mpa EP 125 degree heat resistant conveyor belt for coal mine

MOR - Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

According to cover physical property, there are two kinds of oil resistant conveyor belt.(D)abrasion resistant oil resistant conveyor belt(L) common oil resistant conveyor belt.
LO:  Tensile≥ 14mpa, Elongation at break ≥350%, Abrasion  ≤200mm3
DO: Tensile≥ 16mpa, Elongation at break ≥350%, Abrasion  ≤160mm3

650mm width polyester conveyor belt for glass handling

MOR-Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt Covers provides:

  • Excellent resistance to mineral oils
  • Exceptional resistance to swelling from terpines
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Totally resistant to rot, mildew & UV ozone.

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